Center for IT R&D

Tiako University


The CITRD conducts  applied research and development in IT related fields. To know more about us click  here.

Working Days

Mon-Fri: 9am to 5pm


Center for IT R&D  
Tiako University
 5912 NW 16th St
Oklahoma City, OK 73127

Call:(405) 474-7835

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Ten things the CITRD knows to be true

(1)   Tackle all of the work that needs to be done

(2)   Work hard and work smart to secure sucess

(3)   Use academic freedom to provide all kinds of constructive inputs

(4)   Collaborate with your reseach idea originator if any

(5)   Reduce supervisory layers in research

(6)   Sustainable research is key to survivability

(7)   People create the environment for a premier diversed research center

(8)   Research-led, development-led and service-led teaching must be supported

(9)   It is better to do little on what you do best instead of doing much out of your area

(10)  Family comes first


Prof. Dr. Pierre F. Tiako